Francesco Ducci wins Best Junior Paper Award 2022

Francesco Ducci is the winner of the 2022 Best Junior Paper Award of ASCOLA, the Academic Society for Competition Law. Francesco is a scholar at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. The jury decided that his paper on “Randomized Access to Digital Bottlenecks” stands out. The jury wrote:

“The piece is highly insightful, bringing new analytical perspectives to a problem that has been relatively little noticed. By identifying the shareability potential of digital rankings and their non-rivalrous nature, the paper suggests using randomized rotation in the design of remedies. (…) All in all, it is a piece of creative and insightful scholarship into an area that deserves to be illuminated, and it brings to bear a well-developed analytical framework that represents first-class scholarship.”

Members of the jury were law professors Fabiana Di Porto (Salento), Thomas Cheng (Hong Kong) and David Gerber (Chicago-Kent). The picture shows Francesco Ducci with Fabiana Di Porto as speaker for the jury on a boat in Porto where the winner was announced during the 2022 Annual Conference.

Francesco Ducci with Fabiana Di Porto