Next ASCOLA Conference

#ASCOLA2024: Würzburg (Germany)

The 19th ASCOLA Annual Conference will take place from 4-6 July 2024 in Würzburg, Germany, upon invitation by Professor Florian Bien and Dr Björn-Christian Becker from the University of Würzburg.

Here is the Call for Papers: ASCOLA2024 Call for Papers-1

Submissions are due on 27 January 2024. Please note our new conference format and the guidance given in the Call for submissions and applications for the Best Junior Paper Award!

(Please note that we clarified the notion of “not published” in the latest version of the call – see the asterisk for that).

Würzburg’s University was founded in 1402. The city has a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage palace, the Residence, and is famous for its wine. Würzburg is about one hour by train from Frankfurt International Airport. Florian Bien invited the competition law scholars from around the world to Würzburg at the Athens Conference 2023 – and asked them, not only to prepare high quality papers on antitrust, but also practice their musical skills: There wil be the first ASCOLA Concert! Watch this space for more information.