History of ASCOLA

ASCOLA, the Academic Society for Competition Law, was founded in Munich, at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, in 2003. Professor Josef Drexl, director of the Max Planck Institute, became ASCOLA’s first chair. Ascola was established as a non-profit association under German law (“eingetragener Verein”).

Founding members of ASCOLA

  • Jürgen Basedow (Hamburg),
  • Peter Behrens (Hamburg),
  • Ulf Bernitz (Stockholm),
  • Beatriz Conde Gallego (Munich),
  • Josef Drexl (Munich),
  • Stefan Enchelmaier (Munich),
  • Andreas Heinemann (Lausanne),
  • Clifford A. Jones (Gainesville),
  • Tsvetana Kamenova (Sofia),
  • Ernst-Joachim Mestmäcker (Hamburg),
  • Joël Monéger (Paris),
  • Karl-Nikolaus Peifer (Bochum),
  • Junko Shibata (Kagawa),
  • Luboš Tichy (Prague),
  • Hanns Ullrich (Florence),
  • Gabriela von Wallenberg (Regensburg) and
  • Wang Xiaoye (Bejing).

ASCOLA Conferences

In the following years after founding the association, ASCOLA organised conferences and workshops in different places around the world. Some of the conference papers were presented as books in the ASCOLA series with publisher Edward Elgar.

Here is a list of conferences:

No.YearPlaceLocal Organisers
12004Florence, ItalyHanns Ullrich
22006Paris, FranceLaurence Idot, Joël Monéger
32008Zurich, SwitzerlandRoger Zäch, Andreas Heinemann, Andreas Kellerhals
42009Washington D.C., USAWarren S. Grimes, Clifford A. Jones, Rudolph J.R. Peritz, Edward T. Swaine
52010Bonn, GermanyDaniel Zimmer
62011London, UKRichard Whish, Chris Townley
72012Sao Paolo, BrazilVicente Bagnoli
82013Lecce, ItalyFabiana di Porto
92014Warsaw, PolandTadeusz Skoczny
102015Tokyo, JapanIwakazu Takahashi
112016Leiden, The NetherlandsPieter Van Cleynenbreugel
122017Stockholm, SwedenBjorn Lundqvist
132018New York, USAHarry First
142019Aix-en-Provence, FranceDavid Bosco
152020Virtual ConferenceMichal Gal, Peter Picht, Rupprecht Podszun

Impressions from past ASCOLA conferences

Members of the Executive Board of ASCOLA

The day-to-day business of the Academic Society for Competition Law is run by an Executive Board of three, the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer. Of course, they are supported by the Board of ASCOLA. The board is elected by the members.

Presidents of Ascola

  • Josef Drexl (2003-2013)
  • Paul Nihoul (2013-2016)
  • Michal Gal (since 2016)

Vice Presidents of Ascola

  • Joël Monéger (2003-2015)
  • Daniel Zimmer (2015-2016)
  • Heike Schweitzer (2016-2019)
  • Rupprecht Podszun (since 2019)

Treasurers of Ascola

  • Beatriz Conde (2003-2011)
  • Rupprecht Podszun (2011-2017)
  • Axel Walz (2017-2019)
  • Peter Picht (since 2019)

Award for Distinguished Services to ASCOLA

Outstanding members of ASCOLA who served the community particularly well may be honoured with an award that recognises their special contribution. The Award for Distinguished Services to ASCOLA, established in 2013, was presented to the following persons:

  • Eleanor Fox (2015)
  • Hanns Ullrich (2016)
  • Joël Monéger (?)
  • Tadeusz Skoczny (2019)

ASCOLA Best Junior Paper Award

Members presenting papers at ASCOLA conferences may win the Best Junior Paper Award if they are under the age of 35. This award, established in 2013, was won by the following scholars:

  • Konstantina Bania (2017)
  • John Newman (2018)
  • Viktoria Robertson (2019)
  • Andrew McLean (2020)