Declaration of Ethics

The Declaration suggests that all research outcomes, in all research outlets, should be guided by the following general principles, the implementation of which is elaborated below:

1.     Objectivity and Independence: All scholarship should express the personal and independent opinions of the author(s) without any bias and without any interference by any third party.

2.     Transparency: Authors should appropriately identify all sources of what could reasonably be perceived as bias and make appropriate disclosure of any and all affiliations that could reasonably be perceived as a source of bias.  Except for good (and disclosed) reasons, empirical work should make data and methods available to permit replication.  As discussed below, appropriate disclosure may at various times be on the publication itself, to a possible or actual publisher, or on the author’s publicly-available web page. 

3.     Fairness: All scholarship should make fair use and assessment of research findings and represent as faithfully as possible the different opinions and views expressed in the article.