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Ascola is an association composed of personalities committed,  in their scholarship, to the development of competition law, policy and studies worldwide.

Foundation, development
Ascola was founded in November 2003 as an association of personalities active in scholarship in the field of competition law, policy and studies. The first conference was held in Florence, Italy. Since then, the association has grown to include members coming from all continents. Please see our report on the history of ASCOLA here.

Independent voice
We are not acting in the interest of any firm, industry or authority. Legally, the association is registered as a non-profit association. Our ambition is to express an independent voice on all aspects relating to competition. As regards membership, we accept personalities who can establish a substantial record of clearly independent scholarship.

Interdisciplinary perspective
Most of us are lawyers and/or economists by education and/or profession. As a matter of principle,  we are open to all fields of education as long as they contain a message regarding competition policy – what it is in various parts of the globe, why it has so developed, and how it should evolve.

Global reach
At the time, competition policy was experiencing a process of globalization. Law firms were establishing networks worldwide. Competition authorities were doing the same in regional or international organisations – such as the European Competition network (ECN) and the International Competition Network (ICN). We wanted to provide competition related scholarship with a similar type of organization, where exchanges can take place internationally in a structured environment

Share ideas and opportunities
Among its members, the mission of the association is to share ideas and opportunities. We exchange about our scholarship and we contact one another where opportunities arise for publications or other sorts of communications regarding scholarship. Conferences are organized regularly – at least once a year. We ensure that a certain equilibrium exists among the places where they take place. These conferences are essential as they allow members to meet face to face and establish the contacts that will be useful for the development of their scholarship. In between conferences there are numerous activities going on virtually and on a regional level.

Develop scholarship
The development of scholarship is an important part of our mission, particularly in countries where competition law and policy develops. Within that mission, the assistance to younger academics is essential, together with the assistance to academics coming from developing and emerging economies. Financial arrangements are taken to allow them to participate to our activities. If you wish to join ASCOLA, please follow this link.