Guiding Principles on on Diversity, Inclusion and Social Safety at ASCOLA Events

Guiding Principles on on Diversity, Inclusion and Social Safety at ASCOLA Events

ASCOLA values diversity and inclusion, and does not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or intimidation. ASCOLA wishes to create a safe, professional and respectful environment for all members and participants at ASCOLA conferences and events. In order to achieve this, we set out the following guiding principles:

(1) When organising ASCOLA events, organisers should choose papers and speakers with a view to ensuring a diverse representation including but not limited to gender, nationality, seniority, race or ethnic origin.

(2) Panels should be organised with best efforts to ensure a diverse composition, in particular it is expected that each panel includes at least one person of another gender in a substantive role.

(3) Organisers of events should ensure and make known the presence of at least one person to whom participants can turn, in complete confidence, to report inappropriate behaviour, or if they need counselling or wish to have someone to talk with on matters of diversity, harassment, hate speech or similar conduct.

(4) Organisers of conferences should share with attendees the procedures that are available at the host institution for reporting harassment, discrimination and similar types of misconduct.

(5) Attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner that is consistent with the values of diversity, inclusion and mutual respect.

These guidelines are published on the ASCOLA website. They shall apply to, and be referred to, in all ASCOLA events.

Adopted by the Board of ASCOLA at W├╝rzburg, 4 July 2024