Are you interested in joining the association? This will undoubtedly enrich your perspective in terms of scholarship.


To become a member, please

  1. Fill out an application form.
  2. Attach a cv with a list of publications clearly identifying your scholarship in the field of competition.
  3. Mention the name of an existing member who accepts to recommend you. (If you have difficulties in this regard, please contact us nonetheless.)
  4. Send all this to the email address specified in the application form.
  5. The decisions on submitted applications are taken by the Executive Board. The procedure may take some time as we try to bundle applications. You will be informed, normally, within a month.


ASCOLA is a unique organization of academics from all over the world, focusing on competition issues. Membership is open to scholars specializing in competition law and policy. We encourage multidisciplinarity, and our members generally have a varied background. For us, independence is of the essence. We only accept scholars whose main occupation is academic. We expect members to adhere to the ASCOLA Ethics Code.

Junior membership can be awarded to PhD students or Post-Docs, before joining the academia as researchers. It is reassessed every two years. Junior members do not automatically qualify to become full members at the end of their studies. Rather, a focus on an academic career is required.

Ascola wants to promote membership of scholars from developing countries and younger academics. For these scholars, we have introduced reduced fees.

Ascola currently brings together about 600 members the world over, who engage in high level academic research of competition law issues.


To ensure independence, the association is funded by its members. As part of the membership policy, each member is asked to contribute a sum on a yearly basis. Special arrangements can be made for scholars coming from countries where that level of financing can be a difficulty. Normal member – 80 Euros, Junior member – 40 Euros. Please use the ASCOLA gateway to pay your dues.


To subscribe to the ASCOLA Newsletter (4 times a year) please register via this link. You may have to check your spam folder.