New ASCOLA book: Challenges to Assumptions in Competition Law

Ascola is proud to present the latest volume in the Edward Elgar ASCOLA Competition Law Series: David Bosco from the University of Aix-Marseille in France and Michal S. Gal from the University of Haifa edited a book on the challenges to assumptions in competition law. They have assembled a classy collection of contributions that go to the very fundamental questions of antitrust. Contributers are Can Atik, David Bosco, Oliver Budzinski, Andrés Calderón, Stephen Dnes, Michal S. Gal, Yajie Gao, Wei Han, Galyna Kostiukevych, Claudia O’Kane, Frédéric Marty, Julien Pillot, Barry J. Rodger, Annika Stöhr and Christopher Townley.

Eleanor Fox says: ‘This is an impressive book’! Nothing more to add.