The Ascola 2020 Virtual Conference

The 2020 Ascola Conference was held in a virtual format with nearly 100 talks and presentations within three days – it became an overwhelming success with hundreds of participants joining from around the world. Talks included presentations by the Executive Vice President of the European Commission, Margrethe Vestager, an economics expert panel with Steven Salop, Dennis Carlton and Dan Rubinfeld, a session for young academics on their future prospects, several book presentations and of course panels with many discussions on hot topics of antitrust and competition. The event was organised by the three members of our Executive Board and their teams, Michal Gal (Haifa), Peter Picht (Zurich) and Rupprecht Podszun (Düsseldorf). You can find a vast collection of papers, recordings and information on the conference at the conference website: For a selection of photos see here!