Ascola is organized as a democratic association involving a General Assembly and a Board - including a Chair. The Assembly convenes each year. It elects the Board, including the Chair, of the Association.  The organization is described in a Charter.

The Chair
The chair is currently Michal Gal – a Professor at the University of Haifa, Israel

The Board
The Board is composed of members elected by the members of the association. The composition reflects the geographic coverage of the association. Elections are organized on a regular basis. For these elections, all members can apply. They can also suggest applications

Composition of the Board

Michal Gal (Israel), Chair
Rupprecht Podszun (Germany)  Vice Chair
Peter Picht (Germany), Treasurer

Caron Beaton-Wells (Australia)
Thomas Cheng (Hong Kong)
Fabiana Di Porto (Italy)
Josef Drexl (Germany)
Valeria Falce (Italy)
Harry First (NYU, US)
Wolfgang Kerber (Marburg, Germany)
Heike Schweitzer (Germany),   
Ioannis Liannos (Britain)
Bjorn Lundqvist (Sweden)
Francisco Marcos (Spain)
Giorgio Monti (Netherlands)
Paul Nihoul (Belgium)
Danny Sokol (Florida USA)
Maurice Stucke (Tennessee, US)

Regional Chairs

Thomas Cheng & Masako Wakui – Asia (except India)
Vikas Kathuria – India
Caron Beaton-Wells – Oceania
Spencer Weber Waller – USA
Vicente Bagnoli & Juliana Oliveira Domingues – Brazil
Juan David Gutiérrez – Latin America (except Brazil)
Mor Bakhoum – Africa
Bjorn Lundqvist – Nordics
Maciej Bernatt – Central Europe (focus Poland)
Jasminka Pecotic Kaufman – South and Eastern Europe (focus Balkans)
Victoria Daskalova – Eastern Europe (focus Bulgaria)
Emanuela Arezzo – Italy
Claudio Lombardi & Alexei Ivanov – Eurasia and Central Asia

The General Assembly
The General Assembly consists of all members of the association. No difference is made depending on origin of members, or the fee paid by them. As a reminder, fees are discounted for younger academics and for academics coming from lower-income regions. The General Assembly takes place in the course of annual conferences. We have the experience of organizing electronic votes for the designation of Board Members.

- Charter of the association

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