“Antitrust Paradise”: Marsden’s ASCOLA Rap

On daytime, Philip Marsden is a serious competition law expert, working at the Collège d’Europe in Bruges. But at nighttime, he can turn into a most entertaining rap star, the uncrowned king of the competition concert hall. At the 17th ASCOLA Conference in Porto, he made an appearance as Capt. Felipe during an evening boat trip on the Douro River. He slammed the community in a song based on Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”. We document the text here – parental warning: Explicit lyrics. Enjoy the new hit: “Antitrust Paradise”!
Marsden’s “Antitrust Paradise” Lyrics



Spot on: Activities of ASCOLA‘s Regional Chapters

The ASCOLA Regional Chapters are very active in organising events, talks and discussions for the competition law. Here is a link to the ASCOLA Regional Groups. Typically, events are advertised via social media or newsletters. You may find the web presence of the Regional Chapters here.

To give you an impression of the wide array of activities and the excellent scholars involved, let us show you just as examples an excerpt from the ASCOLA calendar in 2021.

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