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Ascola organises for conferences on different topics of competition law and policy. These conferences provide a venue for members to meet and establish contact. The purpose of these conferences, as it is also for the association, is to share ideas and opportunities among members.

Conferences can be national, regional or international.



Our conferences are organized by Ascola with its members. Each year, a university or host institution is chosen. That university or institution will be responsible for the organization of the conference, together withy Ascola. Traditionally, the organization of such conferences has been considered an important step in their career by our members, as it allows to attract an international public to their institution.

The theme and program are chosen by Ascola and the host institution. In general, the costs incurred by speakers are reimbursed by Ascola. Attendance fees are charged (generally 50 euros) and used for the practical organization. The proceedings are published by Ascola together with the host association.



Conferences are organized for our members. They are open to non members to an extent decided for each conference by Ascola and the host institution. If you are interested in speaking at a conference, please consult the site prepared for that conference. You may also contact the chair.


Conferences consist of general sessions and a policy workshop. Most of our members have access to financial support from their home country or home institution. This is particularly so for members presenting a paper. The paper can be presented, on the topic of the conference, during the conference itself. During the conference, a Workshop on developments in Competition Policy also takes part. That Workshop allows all members to present their recent publications or current research and obtain, in this fashion, financial assistance from their home country or institution for the participation to the event.



It is possible to obtain financial support for the participation to the conference. In accordance with our Charter, we find it important to assist younger academics and academics from lower-income countries. For that reason, we encourage our members to seek first funding from their home country or institution. Please see “costs of attending”, above, on this point.

  • See our Guidelines on Financial Support for the Participation to Conferences



To allow for an optimal development of our activities, we have drafted guidelines for the speakers presenting papers during our conferences or Workshops. Guidelines have also been prepared for the academics chairing sessions.

See our guidelines for Speakers and Guidelines for Session Chairs.