Information about publications by members can be found on their identity sheets, as well as in the news published in this site
Publications made by Ascola as an association consist of books based on the conferences organised among members. So far, the following books have been published. All have appeared at Edward Elgar.

2015 : Josef Drexl, Vicente Bagnoli (eds), State Initiated Restraints of Competition
2012 : Daniel Zimmer (ed), The Goals of Competition Law
2012 : Richard Whish, Christopher Townley (eds), New Competition Jurisdictions – Shaping Policies and Building Institutions
2011 : Josef Drexl, Warren S. Grimes, Clifford A. Jones, Rudolph J.R. Peritz & Edward T. Swaine (eds),, More Common Ground for International Competition Law?
2010 : Roger Zäch, Andreas Heinemann & Andreas Kellerhals (eds), The Development of Competition Law - Global Perspectives
2009 : Josef Drexl, Laurence Idot, Joël Monéger (eds), Economic Theory and Competition Law
The Evolution of European Competition Law – Whose Regulation, Which Competition?